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If you are romantic souls, this apartment is just right for you.

It comprises of two separate rooms and a spaceful balcony that will make evenings at Samsara an unforgetable experience. Suite is equipped with bathroom, TV, mini-fridge, minibar and jug kettle.


“I was at the wedding at the Statek Samsara and it was beautiful. Beautiful surroundings, beautiful surroundings, excellent service, nice, smiling and helpful staff. Just a sensation. And if I have the opportunity, I’ll always be there. “

Květa Kuřová

“Wonderful place that radiates positive energy We had the opportunity to spend only 1 night here, but my husband and I were literally thrilled – beautiful renovated farmhouse, interior tuned to the last detail, Nepalese elements, photos, each room in a different color, but everything in wood and natural materials, fireplace, pasture with sheep, simply splendor. “

– Péťa Bardonová

“Fine accommodation with a view of the forest, nice, quiet place, nice staff. Great starting point for excursions. Great cuisine, although quite expensive, but the food was original, imaginative and excellent. Very cheap and nice wellness with Finnish sauna and cooling terrace outside (Steam would like to improve it.) I’m sure I’ll be back. “

– Zdeňka Malá

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