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The work of a masseur becomes my life mission. I work not only with muscles, but also with energy. I am a guide for anyone who is interested in their health, both physical and mental. Thanks to my massages, you will feel reborn and renew your life energy. I perceive the human body as the temple of our soul. If the soul has an emotional or mental block, the body will tell us. I am not only solving the problem, but also the cause. I perceive a huge self-development in this area. Getting out of the comfort zone and then pushing the boundaries allows me to look at things or problems from a different angle.

I always try my best to tune into the client and intuitively combine various massage techniques to maximize the benefit.

Time and hour must be booked individually


Relaxing body massage

It is suitable for anyone who needs to relax the body and reduce the effects of stress. Its exclusivity and great demand from clients is caused not only by the use of special “Hawaiian” touches and a cleansing ritual at the end, but also by the fact that it is adapted to the current physical and mental condition of the client – you can always expect something different. It supports the blood circulation, lymphatic system – thus the excretion of toxins from the body and its faster regeneration. It adds new energy and strength to a quality experience of your life.

Lenght Price
30 min – back
400 Kč
60 min – back +buttocks + hýždě + arms
800 Kč
90 min – back + buttocks + arms + legs from behind
1 180 Kč
120 min ‐ body on both sides
1 580 Kč

Anti-stress massage

This extraordinary massage relieves the tension and stress to which we are constantly exposed. It will lead you to maximum relaxation and unwinding. It acts as a real remedy for various pains and tensions in the muscles of the neck and shoulders. Head massage is beneficial due to the fact that it is practiced on parts that are important energy centers. When a person is stressed, tension accumulates in these areas, which causes a lot of other pain. Facial massage has the most beneficial and maximally relaxing effects, especially on the central nervous system. Due to the fact that there are a huge number of nerve receptors on the face, facial massage affects not only the nervous system, but also the whole body.

Lenght Price
30 min
400 Kč

Relaxing foot massage

Relaxing foot massage is a technique in which fingers or a special tool are used to massage the reflex areas on the feet with pressure, which deeply relaxes and encourages the body’s self-healing abilities. At the same time, it supplies life energy and calms the mind. Relaxing foot massage is a safe and natural method that helps the body with current health problems, but also has a preventive effect, because, for example, with unusually higher pain at a point, an incipient imbalance in the corresponding organ can be detected.

Lenght Price
30 min
400 Kč

Harmonization of chakras

Chakras are an integral part of the energy body, which is not visible, but can be felt. They are energy centers that affect both our psyche or soul and the physical body. Think of them as gears in a clock that is constantly rotating. And thus they supply energy to our being. However, as soon as they stop spinning or spin slowly, or, conversely, they spin too fast, so-called “burn it”, then it starts to affect our mood, emotions, the psyche in general and then the body with various health problems.

We have thousands of chakras in our bodies, but there are seven plus two among the main basic ones:

  1. Muladhara – root
  2. Svadhishthana – sacral
  3. Manipura – Solar plexus
  4. Anahata – cardiac
  5. Vishiddhi – cervical
  6. Ajna – the third eye
  7. Sahasrara-crown
  8. Earth Star
  9. Soul Star

Harmonization of chakras means setting them in the right balance. At the beginning, there is a ritual in which we focus on finding problematic centers and then the cleansing process of the energy body. Then we move on to harmonization itself.

Lenght Price
90-120 min
1 490 Kč


This special massage for women can detoxify and harmonize the body at all levels of being. It supports the emptying of superficial veins, lymphatic vessels, secretion of sweat glands, normalization of skin tension, improves blood circulation to the massaged area, absorption of swelling or sprains, relaxes or tones muscles, improves tissue nutrition and relieves pain. There is an acceleration of the overall regeneration of the organism, the immediate release of HAPPINESS hormones and the establishment of mental well-being. An amount of endorphin is released into the brain, which induces a feeling of happiness and satisfaction in clients. It helps maintain health and relieves emotional stress. It relieves emotional tension, contracted muscles and promotes proper, deep breathing.

Lenght Price
90-120 min
1 490 Kč

Regenerative massage

Give your body rest and regeneration. Thanks to the combination of techniques from classic massage, trigger point and elements of Hawaiian massage together with a gentle touch, a combination of regeneration with harmonization is created, which has beneficial effects on your body and soul.

Effects of massage:

  1. perfuses the tissue
  2. supports digestion and stimulates metabolism
  3. helps eliminate sap in some organs
  4. improves energy flow
Lenght Price
30 min
490 Kč
60 min
990 Kč
90 min
1 430 Kč
120 min
1 880 Kč

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–Michaela Procházková

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–Michaela Procházková

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

–Michaela Procházková